Tell it that

Tell it that Also report as it is possible it is more than details concerning its practical sides lives.

Tell it that will change, and calm him on the fact that will remain the same whether there will be it in the same house, at the same school, whether will be at it former Wad Dra zya, toys, pets.

If one of parents leaves, explain where it leaves and how there to reach.

EU whether you move to the new house, tell, what it.

That you take with yourself?

The child needs concrete information that to plan new zhizn.

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We try to think

We try to think Ability to share the fears gives to the child feeling of safety.

Arguments that no such uncles and beings happen that strangers were only at cinema that under your sofa anything is not present, except your toys, cannot create feeling of safety and security.

We try to think of it logically, we try to keep soberness of mind, but the soberness of mind is unclear for the child simply owing to his age physiological and mental features.

When the child is assured that everything will be good, feeling in touch, the child receives the benefit from reason and wisdom, from the vital strength of the parents.

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Povto to rit exercise

Povto to rit exercise Nominative feet separately, hands to shoulders.

To rise on toes, hands up.

To return to nominative.

Nominative a rack on a lap.

To take the right foot aside on a sock, the right hand on a belt, left up breath.

To make two springing inclination exhaled to the right, to return to nominative, changing position of hands.

Povto to rit exercise to the left side.

Nominative a rack, feet is separately wider, hands on a belt.

To make at sedaniye.

Nominative a rack, feet separately, hands in the parties.

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In the following

In the following It will be better for you from it?

Syuz still in tears.


As you can see, there are cases when there is not enough lyub vi, naturalness and good intentions.

When parents are in the firing line, they need skills.

In the following scene you will see the same mother and the same child.

Only this time it will apply everything izvest ny to it skills that her daughter behaved differently.

The princess part Mother.

I came home!

Hi, Syuzi, I see, you are occupied with coloring.

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Mno the zhestvo

Mno the zhestvo And it was necessary to Artur to apply special for klinaniye for repair is spoiled clothes.

The following jumped out on a rug T Ania.

Two jumps on the left foot, Chiktrak!


the girl stiffened.

Mno the zhestvo of desires suddenly began to jump at it in to the head.


No, chocolate, or machine!

No, it for boys.

New dress!

No, mother and so was going to buy a dress, and then, in a minute it will disappear.

What to choose?

Suddenly her look fell to the shelf with toy animals, and she remembered how imagined all these animals zhi vy.

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